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smoke damageSmoke damage is a usual companion of fire that has grave consequences and requires professional smoke cleanup services. Having survived the havoc of fire, the hosts often feel exhausted and not able to take any immediate fire cleanup actions as soon as the flames are put out. Nevertheless, time is critical to saving your possessions, as you can easily lose them to smoke and soot very soon.

Remedics Restoration Carolinas are ready to act promptly providing quality smoke cleaning and smoke odor removal services.

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The Danger of Smoke Damage

Immediately after the fire event, smoke and soot particles begin to spread around the house damaging the items that have not been affected by the fire. Thus, smoke damage mitigation forms an important part of fire damage restoration efforts. It is also important to understand that you may experience smoke damage even you haven’t had a fire event, but your neighbors have. Thus, it is better to have a professional inspection in this case too.

Smoke damage hazards may be subdivided into smoke damage to property and smoke damage to health:

  1. Smoke Damage to Property. Smoke damage to property depends on how long soot and damage are left unaddressed. Just minutes of exposure to smoke result in discoloring of plastic and porous materials. If water is used to extinguish the fire, the level of humidity rises dramatically and the wood opens its pores and absorbs a great amount of smoke and residue. The next victims to smoke are clothing, upholstery, and vinyl flooring that get permanent stains and metals that begin to corrode and rust. In weeks after the fire, smoke damage consequences become irreversible for many other materials triggering great restoration and replacement expenses.       
  2. Smoke Damage to Health. Fire burns not only wood but also plastics, leather and other materials containing a variety of chemicals that abound in modern homes and offices. This makes the air really toxic and dangerous to breathe. If you want to bring some items out of the affected premises, it is better to delegate the task to fire and smoke restoration company. If you are still determined to enter the premises before the restoration experts arrive, be sure to wear a mask and nitrile gloves and ventilate the house if this is possible. Remember that accidental inhaling or injection of smoke particles causes both short-term and long-term health problems. Thus, in case of smoke damage, keep your family away from the burnt house to prevent any exposure to smoke until the air quality returns to the norm.

Why Choose Remedics Restoration for Smoke Damage Restoration

If the fire has affected your home or your business premises, fire and smoke restoration company should be called in as soon as possible. Remedics Restoration Carolinas might the best choice if we service your area. Here are the reasons why:

  1. We follow ANSI Accredited S700 Standard for Professional Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration. This makes our work grounded on reliable smoke damage restoration principles, research and practical experience.
  2. Our restoration company has A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau.
  3. We have 18+ years of industry experience, which makes us frankly say, “We have seen it all” whatever the extent of your smoke damage is.
  4. We are your one-stop-shop solution: in addition to smoke cleaning, we can do major repairs, clean the affected carpets from soot, clean the damaged tiles and grout, and deodorize your positions to get rid of any smoke odors.
  5. We prefer human communication and do not outsource emergency calls to AI assistants – they may be intelligent, but we care and sympathize. For the same reason, we maintain communication with you throughout the whole process of smoke damage restoration and bill directly to insurance.

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Smoke Damage Restoration Process

Professional smoke mitigation includes the following steps:

  1. Contact a Smoke Cleaning Company. Immediate contact with a smoke damage restoration company can save precious time and make cleaning more effective and less expensive.
  2. Inspection and Assessment. Our first step upon arrival will be the inspection of the premises to determine the scope of the smoke and soot damage and develop an action plan.   
  3. Removal and Sealing. Remedics Restoration experts remove all objects that need to be replaced or spread the smoke odor. All objects that can be saved, but cannot be removed are sealed (e.g. frames).        
  4. Removal of Smoke and Soot. We remove smoke and soot damage from all the surfaces using professional equipment and following best practices.
  5. Deodorisation. We use ozone generators and fogging equipment to deodorize the affected materials and furniture for full smoke odors elimination.  
  6. Repairs. We take care of the repairs so that you can enjoy returning your home or office making the fire and smoke damage the past story.  

Cleaning, deodorizing, and complete odor removal can only be performed by a professional smoke damage deodorization company.

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