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What Crawl Space Cleaners Do

Our crawl space cleaners perform a wide range of services providing a complex solution that you need to keep your crawl space safe and clean. In particular, we

  • Remove debris and rotting materials
  • Substitute damaged insulation and vapor barriers
  • Insulate air duct lines
  • Encapsulate the crawl space
  • Do crawl space repairs
  • Perform mold removal and remediation
  • Solve water and high humidity problems
  • Address and prevent further rodents infestation
  • Sanitize and deodorize to avoid bad smells

Crawl space is a shallow area under the home built instead of the traditional basement to create a foundation between the ground and the bottom of the home. Being shallow and thus far from comfortable to visit, crawl spaces tend to be the most neglected part of homes. What’s more, some homeowners do not even realize they should care about crawl space cleaning, as they do not also consider crawl spaces parts of their homes!

Crawl spaces may are concealed from your view, but they determine the quality of air in your home by 30% and have a direct impact on home preservation and energy efficiency. This is why regular crawl space inspection and professional crawl space cleaning are vital to preserving your home and your health.

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Signs of Crawl Space Problems

Even if you have never inspected your crawl spaces for water leaks, debris or rodents, you may recognize signs of crawl space issues by

  • High level of humidity in your home
  • Dump and musty odors
  • High heating and cooling bills
  • Increased allergic reactions characteristic of exposure to dust mite waste, mold, and mildew
  • Signs of rodents and insects in your home
  • Dump and contaminated insulation in the floor joists

Remember that contacting rodents (both alive and dead), disturbing crawl space mold, or entering crawl spaces with damaged and compromised constructions may be extremely dangerous. If you see any of these signs and suspect issues in your crawl space, be sure to call Remedics crawl space cleaning experts for inspection and remediation.

Crawl Space Cleaning Reviews

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crawl space mold removalAlthough fiberglass insulation is commonly used in crawl spaces to prevent water, cold air, and smells from trapping into your home, it sometimes does more harm than good. The problem is that fiberglass easily soaks up humidity and water, which eventually makes it fall to the crawl space floor. There, it becomes an ideal place and food for mold and rodents.

Proper insulation and sealing of your crawl space will not only secure you from such problems but also increase your return on investment as the sealing of a crawl space reduces energy use by about 15% each year.

Why Mold Growth in the Crawl Space is so Common  

Mold causes serious health consequences with a direct negative impact on the quality of life. This is why Remedics restoration specialists recommend looking for signs of mold in all susceptible areas, such as spaces behind the bathtub and the refrigerator, dark and poorly ventilated corners and crawl spaces.

mold in crawl spaceCrawl spaces often have it all for mold to start growing. Moisture, darkness, the lack of proper ventilation, higher than freezing temperatures, and the wooden floor joists – mold’s favorite food – are all ideal conditions for mold spores to flourish and grow new colonies.

There are several reasons why crawl spaces tend to have moisture problems. The first reason is condensation that commonly occurs in warm months when warmer outside air contacts cooler air of the crawl space through ventilation.

Second, if your crawl space has not been encapsulated or when a vapor barrier has not been installed correctly, rising damp will cause constant crawl space moisture. Rising damp is a natural occurrence, as ground moisture usually moves upward: if it is not stopped by sealing, it will further affect the subfloor and can even rise through the foundation into your home.

Another source of moisture is a so-called “penetrating damp.” Damp can penetrate even encapsulated crawl spaces dues to plumbing leaks, leaking walls, or failures in your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems both within and above the crawl space.

Remedics crawl space cleaners are certified mold removal and remediation providers. We follow ANSI accredited standards to make the process of crawl space mold mitigation safe and effective and prevent mold spores from escaping into your home space. What is more, we can adequately address water damage that might be causing the mold problem in your crawl space, applying professional water extraction and drying equipment.

Crawl Space Repairs

In addition to cleaning and insulation, you might need crawl space repair services to maintain your crawl space in a proper state and preserve your home. Lengthy exposure to insects, moisture and mold, makes wood rotten and weakened. While professional crawl space cleaning and sealing may halt the damage, some wood may still need to be replaced or at least reinforced with another beam.

Additionally, sinking support posts, weakened rotting support beams, and poorly designed systems make crawl spaces sag and weaken with time. Not addressing these issues promptly, you will soon notice some of its consequences: sagging, uneven and ‘springy” floors, cracks in drywall, sticking or jamming doors.

We, in Remedics Restoration Carolinas, repair the damaged crawl space wood and take care of the integrity of home structures.

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