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During the early morning of Wednesday, January 31, my beautiful home experienced an unexpected and unpredictable crack in the nut of the supply line of the master bathroom toilet. As you can imagine, it caused water damage to the downstairs hardwood flooring, ceiling, walls and crawlspace. My family was so impressed with Casey’s professional demeanor and calm temperament. Casey also was diligent in monitoring the moisture levels and documenting the damage in order to provide a complete assessment to my homeowners insurance claims adjuster. While I understand that this is his routine job responsibilities, he effortlessly combined that with excellent customer service by always maintaining an open line of communication, answering all my questions and picking up the phone when my family called him. We will always recommend Remedics to all our family, friends, colleagues and neighbors. Thank you!

— H. L.
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Water Damage Pineville NC

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We’re a One-stop Shop in Water & Flood Damage Restoration

Water Damage Pineville NCWhen your home suffers from water or flood damage, it can be hard to decide where to start. Remedics Restoration Carolinas is here to help you pick up the pieces – and put them back together again. For over a decade, we’ve provided residents of the surrounding Pineville and the surrounding counties in North Carolina with exceptional residential and commercial restoration services. Not only do we complete water damage repairs, but we also restore your home. No job is too big or too small for us to take on—you’ll always receive the personal service you deserve.

Get Comprehensive Water Damage Cleanup Services

Whether a busted pipe damaged your home, toilet or sink overflow, appliance leak, or basement flood, Remedics Restoration Carolinas will repair and restore your home after water damage.

Remedics Restoration Carolinas will be happy to work with your realtor, builder, or insurance adjuster.

Certified and Experienced In Water Damage Restoration

Since we’re a certified water removal company, we know how to properly inspect and restore your home with the best in water cleanup techniques. When we come out to inspect the damage, we’ll make sure the water supply to your home or business is turned off. Then, we’ll remove water from the house and dry it up the latest technology in restorative drying. To restore your home, we’ll clean furniture, dry out, and replace the flooring, replace damaged walls, and whatever is needed.

Be On The Look Out For Broken, Frozen and Leakey Pipes

water Damage Pineville NCFrozen pipes can be one of the most damaging problems a home or business owner has to face. What makes frozen pipe water damage so bad, is that it allows water to get into the ceilings and walls of the structure. It also isn’t always detected in an as timely fashion as other water problems; thus, the damage has a chance to spread.

A frozen, broken, or leaky pipe are all inconveniences that can lead to significant headaches for your home. Ignoring these repairs can be extremely costly, as water damage can lead to an unstable structure and damage to your valuables. A professional water damage restoration company like us has the professional equipment to remove the water and then dry out your house quickly, so you don’t have to worry about mold or mildew starting to grow. We’ll handle all your Pineville water damage problems!

Pineville Sewage Damage Cleanup and Removal

water restoration Pineville NCRemedics Restoration also provides sewage damage removal services in Pineville, NC. Raw sewage can be difficult to clean up and is extremely dangerous. It contains high amounts of harmful bacteria and can cause serious health risks. The most dangerous of sewage damage, black water has the potential to cause extreme damage. Out of all the causes of water damage, sewer backups are the most concerning. By its very nature, it requires everything that it touches to be thrown out. Sewage damage can come from sewer drains on the floor, the toilet, sink, or even showers. Only trained professionals with the right equipment should handle sewage removal. If you need sewage cleanup, call Remedics Restoration as soon as possible.

When you need an advocate to help you through the insurance claims process, call us at 803-802-5385.

Three reasons to choose Remedics Restoration Carolinas

Your home is your biggest investment, so when it suffers water damage Pineville NC, you want to call on a company you can trust.

You can count on us because:

  • Many national home builders choose us to restore their homes after a catastrophe.
  • We adhere to federal standards, including the S520 standard for mold and S500 standard for water.
  • We are a certified firm by the IICRC, which holds restoration companies to the highest industry standards.

We are an emergency water damage cleanup company that provides services to residential and commercial water damage victims. Don’t delay scheduling water damage restoration after a disaster—contact us to complete repairs and restore your Pineville NC area home.

More About Pineville NC

Pineville has, historically, been a textbook example of urban sprawl. Because its growth has been primarily motivated by the introduction of a freeway to the area, the Pineville shopping district generally requires a motor vehicle for access. Despite 8,000,000 square feet (743,000 m2) of new retail space, the population of Pineville in 2000 (3,449), was barely higher than it was in 1990 (2,970). This was partly a consequence of Pineville’s geographic location. Sandwiched between a nearby city and the state line, Pineville cannot expand its municipal boundaries.

Pineville is home to attractions such as the Jack D. Hughes Memorial Park.

We service all of Pineville, NC, including, 28134.

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Emergency Response

Our team of trained and certified water damage technicians is available 24/7 and will be at your home within 60 minutes of your call! We will get your home or business back to pre-loss condition quickly and easily.

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Water Damage Restoration

From flooding to broken pipes, overflows, and leaks, Remedics Restoration Carolinas can handle any water or fire damage emergency situation. We will extract the water and completely dry out all the affected areas.

Our Services
Professional and Certified

As an IICRC Certified firm, our technicians are capable of handling any emergency water situation. Our friendly support staff will make sure you know exactly what’s happening at every step.

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