Shipping Container Contents Mold Removal

mold removal shipping containers
Have your recent shipments from overseas arrived moldy and contaminated? This is a common situation that often occurs when shipping containers are shipped from overseas. The shipping containers do not have the proper ventilation of temperature regulation, so the contents may be subject to mold contamination.

Remedics Restoration specializes in cleaning mold from the contents inside shipping containers. We can adequately clean and disinfect all of your products or other contents that were shipped from overseas. We understand discovering mold is frustrating and unsettling, so we will work discreetly and efficiently to remove all traces of mold from the contents.

Shipping Container Items We Clean

  • Building Materials
  • Glassware
  • Hard Plastics
  • Construction Equipment

Hammer Case Study

We recently cleaned mold from a hammer shipment. The hammers were shipped overseas in a shipping container that did not regulate the temperature of moisture levels. Mold can grow as quickly as 24 hours, given the right environment, so we suspect the mold growth was rapid. In this project, we cleaned more than 100,000 hammers!

mold hammer shipping container

We arrived at the site and removed all moldy hammers from the shipping container and removed all mold from the affected hammers. cleaning mold hammers


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