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Tree damage is something people can’t predict and something they can never ignore. Trying to manage tree removal and cleanup on your own, you risk causing even more damage to your property or the surrounding area. What is more, it may not be safe!  

Remedics Restoration is trained in secure and efficient storm tree damage restoration. Our professionals can help you remove the fallen trees and branches, clean up the area, repair the damaged property, and suggest additional measures to prevent future tree damage.

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Storm and Wind Damage

Heavy rains, harsh storms, and strong winds are not a rare occurrence in North Carolina. According to the North Carolina Climate Office, the area suffers more than two storms each year. Severe thunderstorms are the most common in March, April, and May. The average number of tornadoes, which often result in huge wind and tree damage, accounts to 26 per year. Heavy rains, strong winds, and fierce storms can uproot the trees, break large branches or loosen soils causing ultimate tree uprooting.  

Why Choose Remedics Restoration to Adress Storm, Wind & Tree Damage

Remedics Restoration Carolinas receive many tree removal and cleanup emergency calls from around our service area. Here is why people trust us with storm cleanup services:   

  1. We are certified and professionally trained providers of restoration services following strict safety standards.
  2. Our restoration company has an A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau.
  3. We have 18+ years of industry experience, which makes us frankly say, “We have seen it all” whatever the extent of your tree, wind or storm damage is.
  4. We are your one-stop-shop solution; we can not only provide tree removal and cleanup but also do repairs and inspect your home for signs of water damage that is likely in case of heavy rains or storms.
  5. 24/7 emergency services, no matter the time or day we answer the phone with a live operator. We typically respond and are on-site within a 1hr response time.  

  tree has split in half falling on the car and a fence

Storm, Wind and Tree Damage Restoration Process

We receive emergency calls 24/7 and immediately explain to the customers what they can expect from our tree removal and cleanup services. Here are the steps we usually take when addressing the outcomes of storm, wind, and tree damage:

  1. Inspection and Assessment. We carefully inspect your property and identify potential hazards. This includes an inspection making sure that the debris has not blocked the gutters to prevent future water damage.
  2. Tarping and Boarding-up (if necessary). We board-up the damaged or compromised windows and doors to ensure the security of your premises. If the roof is damaged, it is vital to tarp it so that a sudden rain does not cause water damage.
  3. Tree Removal. The next step is the removal of the fallen tree following the industry’s safety requirements and minimizing risks of additional property damage.
  4. Tree Damage Cleanup and Repairs. After the tree limbs and damage has been cleaned up, we can help you with your home repairs. 
  5. Further Tree Inspection. Some storm and tree damage may not be evident at first glance. Nevertheless, they can cause cracks in the tree trunks or loosen soils, which makes the hazard of tree damage loom upon your house. It is essential to address these issues as well as cut any branches hovering over your roof or power lines not to let a new storm cause new tree damage.  

Any time you have a wind, storm or tree damage, call 803-802-5385 for professional tree removal and cleanup.


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